How We Make

Welcome to The Farmer’s Arms online shop, a capsule collection of things we make by hand at our workshops.

Our products are made by our staff at our workshops at The Farmer’s Arms, and occasionally at Lawson Park, led by our talented Workshop Manager & Tutor Tom Philipson. Most of our products are exclusively available from our shop at the inn and online here.

We use UK-sourced sustainable materials whenever possible, many of which we grow or make ourselves. This includes the apples that go into our cider vinegar, the oak that’s used for our pottery moulds and the glazes that decorate our bowls.

We often develop products and services with local and international collaborators and look forward to bringing you more useful, innovative and enjoyable things as we grow The Farmer’s Arms project.

The income from this shop supports the educational and outreach work of The Farmer’s Arms.